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The DO suite of apps (Button, Camera, and Note) allow you to easily control over 200 services using simple and lightweight interfaces.

In addition to simplicity, speed and accessibility were key design goals for DO. Much of the product experience lives on surfaces outside of the app. iOS Today and Share extensions allow for quick access, as does the Apple Watch app.

On Android, in addition to standard widgets, we created a "floating buttons" option, where frequently used buttons stick to the edges of the screen so that they can always be accessed.

The IF app for Apple Watch

DO and IF apps



Product Design, Product Conception, Prototyping with Framer

IFTTT is a service that allows anyone to easily connect services to make them work better together.

At IFTTT, I mainly work on the DO and IF mobile apps across pretty much every mobile platform and surface out there; iOS, Android, Apple Watch, and Android Wear.