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I created the video above to highlight key features of the Flite Design Studio. (Produced in Adobe After Effects)

Design Studio



UX Design, HTML/CSS implementation, JavaScript implementation

The Flite Design Studio is a web-based application that allows designers to build interactive HTML5 ads that work on both desktop and mobile.

A layer-based model is combined with an extensive set of components, allowing users to define complex, real-time functionality without writing any code. Additionally, actions and animations can be bound to layers to add even more logic.

I designed the product UI, and delivered production-ready HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which were used by Flite's engineering team to develop the final product.

The Design Studio design pattern served as a basis for the entire Flite platform, and I was able to establish a framework that was flexible enough to be utilized in many other Flite products, including the Component Studio, Report Studio, and Ad Mixer.